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A Deskot Preset for giving your photos a bright, bold and vibrant pop, that still feels true to real life tones. 


Main Features

Vibrant Colours

Bold Highlights and Shadows

Naturally Bright


Please note, presets work better and function properly when applied to RAW files. You can still apply them to JPGs but RAWs are recommended for the best results.


If you share on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #rambosphotospresets so I can follow along!

RP Desktop Preset

  • You must have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC) to use these presets - make sure you have the up to date version.

  • When you purchase the preset, you will be emailed a link to the file with download instructions.

    Once you have downloaded it (on your computer!), you will find the .zip file “” in your computer’s “Downloads” folder. Open the .zip file and you will see the preset as a .XMP file.

    In Lightroom, head to the Develop tab. Find the Presets dropdown on the left of your screen. Then click the (+) sign  and choose “Import Presets.” Find the preset in your computer files, select it, and click “Import.” 

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