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A Dreamy 'Ophelia' Inspired Photoshoot in a Lake

A photoshoot with the lovely (and dedicated) Emma!

This photoshoot was eventful and tested me creatively and innovatevely like never before and I LOVED IT!

Emma reached out to me after seeing this creative concept on my Instagram story and said she would LOVE to help me bring it to life! We arranged a date and met for our shoot at 4:30pm, not realising that the park we first intended on shooting at closes at 5... We also hadn't considered that florists would close too so we ended up running to a petrol station to buy the flowers from there - Considering they would later be ruined in a muddy pond, in hindsight this was probably a better move!

We found the next best location and went for it! The wind was crazy but we found ourselves a lovely sheltered part of the lake and Emma had the brilliant idea of digging the stems of the flowers into the ground under the water so they didn't blow away!

We decided to start gently, with some photos outside the lake first, then snap some shots at every stage before Emma was fully floating! Another interesting challenge we faced on this shoot was the constant changing light - one second the sun was out and harsh on the water and the net we had a dark grey cloud. It meant we got a beautiful variation in the photos but added to the chaos of the shoot, considering how fast we were trying to work!

There was lots of giggles and excitement packed into the 25 minutes we were shooting and I am so pleased with the final shots! The colours came out beautifully and Emma absolutely killed it with the modelling (she makes floating in a lake, freezing cold look so elegant!)

Thank you Emma for such a giggle and fun afternoon, it was a pleasure photographing you and bringing this crazy creative photoshoot concept to life!

Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot, you can find more on my Instagram & the Behind the Scenes on my TikTok!


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