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Incredible photo spots and places to visit in the South of France

Nice, Ezé, Menton, Fréjus


I visited the South of France with my boyfriend, Maxwell, for 10 days. We stayed in Nice and travelled to different places along the French Riviera by train every day. Each individual place was beautiful and unique with its own little quirks.

We weren't actively searching for photo spots but when I tell you they were everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! These places were some of the most picturesque scenes I have ever seen - from the shops to the sunset. A lot of the time we just sat with our jaws on the floor in awe (or to squeeze in more camembert) but sometimes we got the camera out and took some fun photos.

I would love to do another blog post on our whole itinerary if anyone is interested, but for now - here are the places we visited and took photos!


First, of course, is Nice itself. I'm a sucker for 'old towns' in cities it seems, and the Nice Old Town did not disappoint one bit. It had beautiful narrow sun-lit roads, really cool flooring, adorable shops and cafes and stunning architecture. We stumbled across this beautiful road that was on a hill that led up to Castle Hill - so you could see the edge of that at the end. The sun was casting some beautiful harsh shadows and providing a perfect orange glow when we were there - around 10am. I took some test shots of my Maxwell to suss the lighting and angles and then handed the camera to him! Here are the results:



Ezé was our first day trip and we found it hard to believe it could get any prettier than this. The cobbly narrow streets framed with stone buildings and free falling green vines gave this place such a utopian feel, it was incredible.



Menton, menton, menton, where do I begin... The best way to describe this place is like Balamory but if it was French and a fairytale. There are waves of rainbow houses all the way up to the coast where there's a (surprisingly modern) beach front and clear waters. There's so much depth and so much to see, I feel like we barely scratched the surface with out day of exploring. However, we did take some of my proudest photos on a beautiful orange staircase. It was such a challenge because I only bought my prime les with me on the day trip so we had to get *very* creative with the angles and poses. It was also a very popular spot so lots of people to avoid! But never the less I think we did well and, like it said, I am very proud of these results.


Frejus / Saint-Raphael

The beach in Saint-Raphaël was my favourite beach of the holiday. The waters were a beautiful blue, the sand was pure and soft and everything was so relaxed. We barely left the beach this day because of this beautiful beach except for the evening where we walked to another part of the coast to sit on some giant rocks and watch the sun set over the sea. The moon was full and bright and the sky was full of incredibly defined pastel colours.. I just had to take some quick photos with it.

And that concludes our French Riviera photo collection. Considering I didn't set out with the intention of taking many 'posed' photos, let alone doing full on photoshoots, I am so happy with this collection and I will cherish the memories of taking them forever.

If you would like any more information on any of these places or the photos etc, please feel free to reach out to me on instagram @rambosphotos - I would love to chat! The behind the scenes of them is also on my TikTok @rambosphotos if you would like to check that out too!


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