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A Stunning Retro Photobooth Photoshoot Session in Prague

Quirky and very instagrammable photo spots in Prague

I found these gorgeous Fotoautomats online when i was searching for cool photo spots in Prague and managed to source the location of one (the industrial-looking one) but not the one surrounded by greenery (above). When i told my friend Leah about it, she couldn’t find it either and i was starting to believe it was simply photoshop and that i was going to have to get trusty ol Generative Fill in on the job… turns out, it wasn’t!

So, we headed to the first one on the first day of our city break and (after waiting in a queue and taking some actual photobooth photos) we did a photoshoot with the booth.

The day was grey and drizzly so the lighting was quite flat. That paired with the industrial setting created quite a grungy vibe which we decided to roll with. I got Leah to pose quite freely and editorially to juxtapose the solid lines and vibe of the setting - i think it worked quite well.

On our last day, the weather had a complete turnaround and it was hot and sunny. We were wandering through an old converted military base to a quirky café that’s actually a converted swimming pool (?? So cool) when i happened to turn around and spot the COOLEST photobooth i have ever laid my eyes on. We quickly decided it would be rude not to shoot with it and I’m so glad we did.

While the shoot concept and idea remained the same, even the poses are similar, the vibe is so different and i just love that so much.

Which one do you prefer?


1 - The New Stage, Prague

2 - Kasárna Karlín, Prague

Photos taken using my Canon R6 and EF 35mm f1.4 Lens

Edited using my Lightroom Preset


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