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my story

I first picked up a camera when I was 2, I'm not kidding! I was given a disposable camera and took pictures of everything that was 'eye-height'.. a lot of feet. 

Fast forward 16 years, I was years deep into my passion for film and music. I studied Film and the Arts (as well as further maths) at A-Level which ended just as lockdown began. With no one to film and no where to go, I turned to a similar but slightly more accessible option - photography, particularly self portraits! 

I started posting my photography online in June 2020 and that was the true beginning of it all.

My knowledge, passion and love for the art (and online community that comes with it) grew and now I get to call this magic ‘my job’.

I have since worked with incredible brands including: Canon, Adobe, Virgin Voyages, EasyJet, Godox, Facetune, FreePrints, Eventbrite, The Photography Show and many more.



My name is Rosie! I'm a 22 year old Photographer and Content Creator based in london, travelling anywhere and everywhere with my camera. 


I work with anyone looking to tell a story - from individuals celebrating themselves to brands with a message to share. I aim to inspire anyone that views my work to push boundaries, try new things and take up space. 


my content

I aim to inspire and spark the creativity and adventure within people with my content. I offer photography tips, tricks and inspiration on my social media channels. And take my audience behind the scenes of photoshoots, travel and the life of the content creator! 

It’s important to me that my content grows with me and my passions. I make sure to share things that interest and inspire me along the way. This could be anything like books, fitness, mindfulness, places, beauty and skincare, music and other creative texts - there’s really no limit and i am so grateful to have a community online that is growing with me and cares.

My priority is having an audience I feel connected to, that know they can trust me. I have worked hard to make my pages feel like a happy, inspirational and welcoming corner of the internet to anyone that visits.


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